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sohnen  The pioneer in the consumer product refurbishing business

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The Gold Standard


Annual Production in millions of consumer products

No other company can match Sohnen's  5+ decades of market and product experience, our overall industry knowledge, and the tens of millions of units we have produced over time.

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Why Choose sohnen ?

 Los Angeles, CA

Based in Los Angeles, Sohnen operates two large scale facilities there that serve as it’s National Receiving Center and its Distribution Center for the finished products once they have been processed in its three automated production facilities in Tijuana, Mexico.  Incorporating close to one million square feet of combined production, office, engineering and warehouse space, Sohnen is capable of acting as a manufacturer’s or retailer’s primary resource to manage returns of products destined to be refurbished and ultimately returned to the market as salable inventory.

Tijuana, Mexico

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Sohnen is a true believer that all businesses should focus on environmental sustainability. Sohnen de Mexico employs close to a one-million-watt solar array to provide power for its factories. Our newest facility: SDM 2, which is itself a recycled and updated older building, employs a unique rainwater recycling system that captures, cleans and reuses all rainwater that falls on its property and roof. It features an on site water treatment plant that enables us to re-process and re-use all wastewater generated in our bathroom facilities. LED lighting is used throughout all of our facilities and natural light is incorporated in most of our production areas. Extensive landscaping on our properties is drought resistant and using our treated rainwater, generates fresh oxygen to our buildings and their surroundings.