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True Recycling

All the experts agree that the best way to recycle product returns is to figure out ways to re-use them. For over a half century, Sohnen has dedicated itself to giving tens of millions of pieces of product returns a “second life” by reprocessing them into “like new” refurbished condition and reselling them back into its domestic and export-based markets. For most product categories, Sohnen is able to fully refurbish as much as 90% of the product returns it receives. The remainder are typically so severely damaged as to make them impossible to recover. This is where Sohnen, once again provides innovation and creativity to its processes. For Sohnen, recycling is not a concept, it is a way of life…and a profitable one at that! For many companies, there is a belief that simply sending their scrap items off to a recycler is doing their part for the environment. The problem is that one never knows exactly what has happened to the materials sent to a recycler or how much may end up in a landfill somewhere. Sohnen takes it to the next level by totally disassembling the products that it cannot fully refurbish and reducing them to their core materials, such as copper, plastic, steel, rubber, paper and Styrofoam. Our Recycling Department is staffed by a highly trained Team of 20, using custom designed machinery and equipment to disassemble and extract all of the core materials that can be recovered from our scrap.  By doing so, we know exactly what has happened to our scrap and have also turned our “trash into cash”. In the process, our suppliers take comfort in knowing that through Sohnen, they have done their part to greatly minimize any negative impact to our environment that their product returns may make.

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