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Although Sohnen takes great pride in having developed its processes and facilities to become the recognized “Gold Standard” in the field of refurbishing of consumer products, returns management, and re-distribution of refurbished products, it considers its greatest single accomplishment as having attracted and retained a Team of talented, focused, caring, dedicated and hardworking people that call Sohnen their home. Home is actually a perfect word to use, because “home” is where your family is and at Sohnen, we consider our employees to be just that…our family. Aside from being on the leading edge of pay and benefits in the Tijuana area, Sohnen also provides a wide variety of support services to our Team including an onsite medical Team, and a “after hours” school which allows many of our Team to continue and complete their education through high school. We sponsor annual Health Fairs and promote personal and professional growth  through a  wide variety of training courses designed to enable our people to grow within the company.  At Sohnen, we work hard but make sure to take time as any “family” would to celebrate holidays, birthdays, special events, quality and productivity acheivments and even summer barbeques every Friday. We consider our Team to be our greatest asset and this spirit forms the core of our culture as a company.

As our company leadership often says, “Employees speak with their feet. When they get up in the morning and decide to come to work at Sohnen, it means that they want to be here.”

Personnel Rotation

Sohnen’s absenteeism and employee turnover rates are some of the lowest in all of Tijuana for an operation of our size, a confirmation of what our Team’s “feet” are saying!


“President’s Club”

Employees with 20+ years of service

At Sohnen we celebrate the increasing tenure of our Team Members in a variety of ways, but none are more significant than when someone reaches the 20-year mark with Sohnen. At that point, they are invited into the President’s Club. Aside from a number of commemorative and distinctive gifts that they are given and a gala celebration  where their family is invited to attend, Sohnen has commissioned a group of different artists around the world to create unique portraits of them...often using recycled materials. The original art piece is proudly displayed in our public areas and an exact copy is provided to the family to take home with them. When the employee retires, we swap the original for their copy so we can always remember the contributions they made to our success as a company.

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