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U.S. Facilities

Sohnen’s US operations are based in Santa Fe Springs, California where it operates from two large scale facilities. The first facility is its National Returns Center, or “NRC”, where it receives Returns Shipments that originate from thousands of retail locations of the nation’s largest retailers including Walmart, Costco, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Best Buy, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Target. Shipment quantities are verified and then shipped to Sohnen’s three refurbishing factories in Tijuana, Mexico. Once fully refurbished, the products are returned to a second building in Santa Fe Springs, which acts as Sohnen’s Distribution Center, or “DC”. Sohnen’s Santa Fe Springs and Tijuana facilities are separated by approximately 100 miles.



  National Receiving Center

Measuring approximately 65,000 square feet with 32’ clear ceilings, Sohnen’s NRC is designed as a cross-dock facility to act as a central location to receive shipments from Sohnen’s various supply sources which include just about all of the major US retailers. Once received, product shipments are verified for accuracy and then forwarded to Sohnen’s refurbishing factories in Tijuana, Mexico just south of the US border with San Diego.


  Distribution Center

Sohnen’s DC, which measures 175,000 square feet with 32’ clear ceilings, serves as its corporate offices for Accounting, Sales and Finance as well as its primary warehouse for finished goods that it receives back from its refurbishing factories in Tijuana, Mexico. Bulk shipments to Sohnen’s domestic and internationally based customers are made from this building. Online product fulfillment services for select resellers are also shipped from this facility as well.

Mexico Facilities

Sohnen opened it’s first factory in Tijuana in 1990. That original plant, referred to as SDM 1 remains as Sohnen’s primary production facility, but has been augmented by SDM 2 and SDM 3 which both began operations more recently. All three facilities combined provide office, warehouse, engineering and production space measuring approximately 600,000 square feet.  As U.S. based Manufacturers and Retailers extend their marketing reach throughout North America, Sohnen’s presence in Tijuana allows it to readily provide cross border support to service the fast-growing Mexican market as well. On any given day and between all three Sohnen factory locations, there may be as many as 15 different production lines running at the same time on one shift producing millions of units of products per year of assorted consumer audio/video products and a wide variety of small and mid-sized appliances. Sohnen’s facilities are immaculately maintained and managed by a highly tenured Team who are committed to maintaining Sohnen’s reputation for quality and integrity. All facilities incorporate the very latest in automation designed to maximize efficiency and throughput.  



  Sohnen de México 1

Including over 140,000 square feet of production, office, engineering and warehouse space, SDM 1 is Sohnen’s original plant in Tijuana and continues to be our primary production facility with over 700 Team members on one shift, operating as many as 12 different production lines producing small to mid-sized appliances and a variety of consumer audio and video products.


  Sohnen de México 2

The newest addition to Sohnen’s group of factories, SDM 2 is a monument to the concept of recycling. Sohnen took a dilapidated old building and turned into a modern, energy efficient marvel of refurbishing technology. The building now has an effective warehouse and production area of approximately 275,000 square feet on what was originally only a 110,000 square feet footprint. The production area includes a one-of-a kind 450 foot long fully automated refurbishing line. The structure itself is 53’ tall and boasts a variety of energy efficiency and environmental enhancements including a massive solar array that provides almost all of the power requirement to run its 300-person factory. It utilizes a unique rainwater recapture system, an onsite water treatment plant and utilizes natural lighting in its production areas. Simply stated, the building is a monument to sustainability. 


  Sohnen de México 3

SDM 3 is a modern concrete slab tilt-up structure which measures 175,000 square feet and stands 32’ tall. SDM 3 has its own production areas and also acts as the supply depot for all of our other operations in Tijuana. Like all Sohnen properties, the building is immaculately maintained and operated by our team of long tenured and highly skilled Sohnen employees. Natural lighting is provided throughout the building via the extensive use of strategically located skylights. Automated truck loading and unloading equipment is employed to speed the shipping and receiving process.

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